Customers: Please use the QR code below to register yourself and family members to our 'new' Point of Sale system for Ski/Snowboard and Golf.

Skiers and Snowboarders: Once registered, come into the store to be fitted.

Lenny's Supreme Ski Shop

Season Rentals Ending March 28th! Call for details

We have been around since the early 1980s and during its history, the shop has become a staple for excellent customer service, quality products, and an extremely knowledgeable, friendly staff. 

Lenny and his employees are dedicated to their customers' satisfaction.  The shop provides high-end, quality equipment for seasonal and daily rentals.

Lenny's also provides same-day, full-service repair on all your ski and snowboard needs.  If you're disappointed with the big box store mentality, tired of their long turnarounds and want a more personal experience with a staff that cares, then stop by and experience the difference!

Renting from Lenny's Supreme Ski is simple.  We will ensure you are fitted properly in every aspect to make your day on the slopes more enjoyable.  Be it skiing or riding, we will cover all your needs.